Professional Tips from our Salon Expert

Getting the best result from Wavol peroxide and powder lightener

Did you know that it is better to do two applications of Powder Lightener using a low VOL peroxide / developer, rather than one quick application with a high VOL peroxide / developer ?

Why ?

When Powder lightener is mixed and applied using a high level VOL developer / peroxide, the formula moves up through the levels too quickly for the pheomelanin (undertones). As a result this process makes the undertones unstable.

Immediately after the high VOL colour treatment, the client will look light and bright but within a couple of days the Pheomelanin (undertone) will stabilize and the yellow tones will be exposed! Your client will be forever looking for toners to counteract the warmth and porosity, which in turn causes hair damage.

Using a low developer with powder lightener will take longer but it ensures the client will have longer lasting colour that requires less toning.